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Saturday sub’mission ;)

Truth be told, I have not tried this on My little one. It looks fun and right up his alley. Tips? Thoughts from the peanut gallery?

:: Mistress Chloe

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Mistress Chloe, I hope you and little one are well? I just love your blog and wanted to just shower you with a little praise. Have you been getting my previous ask's? The latest between me and my ex-fiancee is looking promising. I know she is with her current boyfriend and that isn't changing, but I hope I am convincing her to show me some love and care and know that she can have us both and isn't afraid to tease and cuckold me.

Asked by Anonymous

(See previous post for previous submission and response)

Better… But, She’s not yet worthy of your love again.

:: Mistress Chloe

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Beginners Cuckolding…

Follower Submission:
so an update regarding myself and my ex fiancee. communication has died down between us, we talk and it’s nice and civil, but it’s still too much to accept seeing her happy and desire another guy over me. For people, Cuckolding seems a lot easier than it is emotionally. i ’m sure You and little one have had your struggles, as i am having mine. Truth be told I haven’t spoken to her a lot, nor do i believe her boyfriend is right for her. nor do i believe he is a bull with a bigger dick…

as much as i hate to disagree with You Mistress Chloe, i do not see myself as a man with a small penis. Yes, I feel the need to be submissive to women, and I am hooked on your blog as well. Yet the love and affection of my ex fiancee is all i desire. Little one is lucky to have your 100% affection and commitment, i’m sure that reinforcement helps makes the cuckolding easier and enjoyable. I’m trying to enjoy knowing she is with him, my heart sinks, and i know he’s fucking her…

and in return, i’m being fucked in the mind… i suppose it is just a struggle, nonetheless, i miss the affection. It is hard to support her being with somebody I disagree with. I could handle it being any other guy. In fact the thought excites me. i miss having her fuck me, but i’m a submissive cuckold now, and her pussy is too good for me. I want You to help advise me, and also help mould and nurture me. i’m a switch, but the submissive cuckold me must learn. She is superior, as are You…

Thank You for Your time… I apologise for the lengthy message, and i am sorry to remain annon, but i don’t want myself to be publicly revealed. I’m sure You understand. The dominant in me would happily offer You my services, and the submissive me is politely requesting Your guidance and to provide support temporally. I respect Your right to decline, but i eagerly await Your reply. My regards to Yourself and little one. end of message for now. until next time.

goodbye Mistress Chloe. Thank you


Mistress Chloe’s Response:
Good to hear from you again anon,

I applaud your ability to reach out and ask for advise. you seem to be between a rock and a hard place.

If I am correct, cuckolding satisfies a mental masochism fetish, among other’s. your story thus far, exemplifies the realistic challenges of cuckolding. This fetish is very challenging to implement.

However, the reality of your situation is not just masochistic cuckold angst; It sounds like you are experiencing very real heartbreak, jealousy, and disagreement with your ex’s current relationship. your story pains Me to hear.

This is clearly not consensual cuckolding, rather forced cuckolding. Now, I’m not in this love triangle, but according your accounts, it seems clear that you are the third wheel, and a distant one at that.  I think you are highly turned on by the raw mental-masochism of her actually cuckolding you (which I’m sure you will fantasize about for a while), but I also think you’re ignoring the fact that this might be unhealthy for you.  Since this is extremely humiliating, it’s extremely arousing to you, on a level you may not have encountered before.  Cuckolds tend to push themselves deeper and deeper into humiliation to experience more powerful, mind-blowing orgasms, and sometimes ignore their own internal limits. This where a consensual Cuckoldress, who has agreed to a set of terms and cares for you in this role, sees what you may not, and stops the play before the act causes permanent harm to you and the relationship. I can’t emphasis enough, the importance of entering this type of relationship only with deeply committed and caring individuals, who you entrust to uphold a loving checks and balance system, and make tough, wise decisions when needed.

It sounds like she’s in love with someone else but still has lingering feelings for you, and is trying to have it both ways.  I know you worship and adore your ex-fiancé, currently She is having sex with another, and cuckolding greatly turns you on. However, they don’t automatically all go together. In my opinion, being a submissive/cuckold doesn’t mean being a doormat in the name of love, worship, and devotion. It means your loving relationship is enhanced by this sexual act, turning you both on, learning new techniques, and making sure you take care of the emotional component that goes along with it. Each parter should always be able to feel safe speaking about their thoughts, frustrations, limits, and protections… other Cuckcoldress’s may feel differently, but it takes two very in-tune people to do it safely. 

My advise… When/if you are ready and desire to continue perusing this relationship platonically, in hopes of more, rebuild the loving friendship with your ex and when She breaks up with the current boy toy, you can honestly discuss with her if/how cuckolding might work in your relationship.

Again, you are not a doormat. You must demand what you want, cuckolding doesn’t change that, it’s just another tool.

Good luck! Stay safe. Thank you for sharing your cuckolding relationship with us all, you can never learn too much! I know you’ll keep us posted ;)

:: Mistress Chloe

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Fuck Me until I scream, I need it!!! Be firm with your touch and let the sight and feel of My body drive you to new heights.

:: Mistress Chloe

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Mmmm… Hot sex with kinky playmates…. I love the taste and feeling of cock on My lips and in My mouth. This gentleman can not compare in the oral dept., although I like watching him try ;)

I haven’t given My little one a blow job since our wedding in 2011. Although he has only a pee-pee, not indulging in oral sex with him is very difficult for Me; I have loved every aspect of giving delicious head since the day I learned.

:: Mistress Chloe

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A sleek, soft, and well curated FemDom ensemble. We must always be ready for what comes Our way ;)

:: Mistress Chloe

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UK based ?

Asked by mikey1612

In the not so distant future I will have lovers and casitas all over the world, Europe included ;)

But for now, we’re US based.

:: Mistress Chloe

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